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New Jersey Osprey Project

(Atlantic City/Long Beach Island NJ)

In advocation to a hallmark conservation effort along the New Jersey coast line, artist Evan Lovett painted two murals for the New Jersey Osprey Project. A keystone initiative of Conserve Wildlife NJ. The first of which was paintied on the side of a wall donated by the Sandy Springs Hotel located in the heart of long beach Island NJ. “Libby” stands two story’s tall and can be admired by pedestrians on their way to the beach along with commuters entering or leaving the island. The second mural was painted just off the boardwalk of Atlantic City, sitting 3 stories tall and depicts an Osprey along with a landscape back of the bay. Ospreys being key indicator species of the local ecosystem it was only right to also represent its diet with deceptive fish adorning an art nouveau frame.


We met Ben Wurst years ago and loved his passion for wildlife, especially Osprey’s! On many occasions he invited us out with him on the boat to check out nests and see ospreys up close. So once we took him up on the offer, we brought along our cameras and learned so much. We knew The work done with the New Jersey Osprey Project was too important for just one mural, with the scope of their work spanning the whole New Jersey coast we needed to do two. One in Long Beach island and one in Atlantic City. How the community came out to support the murals was humbling. Bringing our team food and water as we worked to show appreciation for the project. Over time, the murals we created became a landmark for the community as much as a billboard for the conservation is more than we could have hoped for.

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